I have extensive teaching experience in political theory, American politics, sociology, and history. I am currently teaching two sections of “The American Political Process” at Hamilton College. During Spring 2023, at Hamilton I will be teaching two sections of “Introduction to Political Theory” and “Contemporary Political Theory.” Past courses that I have taught include “Radicalism and Populism from Marx to Trump” at Syracuse University and “American National Government and Politics” at State University of New York at Oswego. Additionally, I have been a teaching assistant at Syracuse University in such courses as “Political Theory,” “The Modern American Presidency,” “Foundations of American Political Thought,” “Political Sociology,” and “Political Conflict,” among others.

Here are some course subjects I would be interested in and qualified to teach:

Democracy and its Critics, Contemporary Political Philosophy, Theories of Post-Liberalism, Classical Social Theory, Political Sociology, Political Ideologies, Radical Political Philosophy, Marx and Nietzsche, The Aristotelian Political Tradition, Politics and Virtue, American Political Thought, Introduction to Political Philosophy, American National Government and Politics, The American Presidency, US Congress, Race and American Politics

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